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The CNET Shopping extension helps users save time and money on items they're already buying online. Check out how we created our onboarding experience and what I contributed.


CNET needs no introduction. I might be biased, but it's fun to work on this tech reviews giant. It's even more fun when you're a part of launching new categories. 


A showstopping example of who CNET is, how we show up, deliver the facts and let's be honest a bit of humble bragging. Check out my contribution. 


Verizon Fios was a pleasure to write for, the voice tone and style are just so current and fresh. I Ioved writing SEO pages for the brand since it gave me a chance to chill in that style. 


Competitor comparison assets are vital for our partnership businesses. I led a usertest for our competitor comparison mobile functionality.


CNET Shopping is like an online best friend and we need to spread the word. Promotions, paid search and ads officially entered the chat. This content is designed to convert quickly!

CNET Shopping.png

Everyone needs internet these days and it was awesome to be on a team that helped real people connect to what matters most. 

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