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Get to know me

Write. Design. Edit. Repeat.✍️

Hi, nice to meet you!

I’m a cat and plant lady focused on living healthier, brighter, and more creatively every day. Like most people, I fell into content design after my colleagues and I realized we do so much more than enter words on a page.

We curate the experience

I work alongside product designers, product managers and developers to build experiences that are accessible, user-friendly and drive actionable results. 

Some of my tasks include non-writing activities like facilitating user tests and researching best practices or potential new solutions. I  also tell the story of your products and services and ensure your user interfaces are easy to understand, navigate and use.


It's actually pretty cool 

I love being involved in so many facets of the digital experience. Content designers help make your experiences easy to use while using language that represents your brand and resonates with your audience

My bestselling fantasy novel series (that's totally inspired by Shonen manga/anime) can wait until retirement. For now, I want to build the bridge between you and your users one button at a time. 

Download Resume:

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